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Red Light Therapy Panel 45W LED

Red Light Therapy Panel 45W LED

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Beat the winter blues with the beneficial power of Red Light Therapy.

Clinical studies indicate Red Light Therapy has many positive effects with daily exposure increasing wellbeing and recovery.

This panel uses pure Red 660nm and pure IR 850nm LEDs, these targeted wavelengths of light are shown in studies to stimulate the mitochondria in cells promoting healing, collagen production and improving the quality of the skin.

Red Light Therapy has shown effectiveness against Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter blues).

In stock with supplier please allow 5-10 working days for delivery
45W Panel Specifications:

  • - 225 Non Flickering LEDs
  • - LED Quantity: 225 by 0.2W SMD
  • - Wavelength: Red 660nm & IR 850nm
  • - Voltage: AC85 ~ 265V
  • - Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
  • - Weight: 0.9kg
  • - Dimensions: 250x250x35mm
  • - 60mW/cm2 to 6mW/cm2 at a distance of 60 CM 

Package contents:

1 x Panel

1x NZ Plug, inline switch and power cord

4 x  Ceiling mounting cables

1 x Desk Stand

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