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HP Reverb G2 Facial Interface Gasket & Replacement Foam Cover

HP Reverb G2 Facial Interface Gasket & Replacement Foam Cover

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If you have jumped into the world of VR and wished you could pop in a new face cover with more ventilation  for your headset or one that's clean and dry after an intense workout or just wanted one that could be adjusted for best fit then this is what you need!

Designed specifically for the HP Reverb G2 VR headset it gives you more control over the fit and comfort of the headset.

This HP Reverb G2 replacement gasket is made to accommodate glasses being worn with the headset easily and comfortably due to specially scalloped areas to fit.

The magnetically fastened gasket makes it easy to swap out, and includes more venting than the original gasket for less condensation and better heat management.

Comes with 2 different thickness breathable foam inserts fastened by a Velcro like surface so you can replace them quickly or add your own.

Kit includes:

1x Magnetically fastened Gasket

1x Thin foam cover insert

1x Thicker foam cover insert

1x Nose cover for light leak

Installation Manual


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