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Oculus Quest 2 VR Protective Cover Set

Oculus Quest 2 VR Protective Cover Set

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Protect and accessorize your Quest 2 in your favorite colour!

Made from easy to clean and durable silicone, the 5 piece set comes with the following:

Front cover to prevent damage from knocks and scratches, adds personalisation, has cut outs for full access to buttons and functions.

Face Gasket cover to easily clean and wipe down, with a guard to prevent light leak from the nose area.

Lens covers, these are a must to prevent scratching or permanent light burn in damage to the lenses when the unit is not in use.

Touch controller covers with knuckles grip, resists damage from knocking or losing your grip on the controllers, with a textured grip surface, knuckle straps to allow the controllers to stay in place when you open your hand for extra immersion, plus a wrist strap for extra safety. Adds extra length to controllers for larger hands.  

Use the selector to choose from 5 colours   







Kit includes:

1 Front cover

1 Gasket Cover

1 Lens cover

2 controller covers & Straps (Left & Right)

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