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HP Reverb G2 VR Grip Cover Set

HP Reverb G2 VR Grip Cover Set

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Upgrade your HP Reverb G2 playing experience, with a grip cover set.

Increase your immersion as these strap over your knuckles allowing you to close your hand and grab objects naturally.

These can also be used to increase your grip in games like Beatsaber or BoxVR so you don't throw your controller at the wall.

The HP Reverb G2 VR Grip covers easily install and replace the default battery covers that come with the HP Reverb G2 controllers with a stylish but practical textured design on the grips and leatherette straps with adjustable velcro fasteners for an exact fit


Material: ABS

Colour: Black

Suitable for HP Reverb G2 VR controllers

Package includes : 

  • Left handle battery cover*1
  • Right handle battery cover*1
  • Leatherette strap*2
  • Handle remover pick*1
  • Manual*1

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