COVID19 and our commitment to your safety

During these exceptionally concerning events we want to highlight what Bro! What's That? is doing as a business to mitigate the effects of COVID19.

Level 3 Update 21/09/2021

We are continuing normal operation with the following guidelines:


  1. You are able to order from the online store and shipment of orders is underway
  2. We are not allowing site pickups of orders
  3. We are following all health and safety protocols outlined by the New Zealand Government for businesses (Further Information Here)
  4. Our inbound stock is set up for contactless delivery and our deliveries are set to contactless non signature
  5. You can manage your package deliveries using NZ posts tools to have a contactless delivery in a safe place here
  6. The NZpost services are running but may experience delays due to strain on their network so delivery time-frames may vary. Check here for NZ post network updates.