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Silent 6 Piece VR Cable Management Pulley System V2

Silent 6 Piece VR Cable Management Pulley System V2

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Jumping into VR but sick of getting hung up on all the cables?

These Version 2 VR Cable Management Pulleys take up the slack and keep the cables out from under your feet.

Each pulley is able to hold your VR cable out of the way and account for any movement you do while in VR (Backflips and cartwheels not  included)

The Version 2 pulleys have the following improvements:


Improve your immersion

Less than 30 decibels of noise during operation 

Quick release

Easy to swap cables in and out with the rubber cable strap lock system


Can be used to run multiple cables through the same loop with ease


Silent VR Cable management kits are Perfect and Must Have for:

  • HP Reverb G2
  • Oculus Rift / Quest and Quest 2 PC Link Cables
  • Htc Vive  /  Vive Pro 
  • Samsung odyssey VR
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Microsoft MR VR
  • Valve Index 

Available in both black and white to suit your style, please choose the colour from the dropdown.

Package includes

  • 6pcs Package Content:
  • 6*VR Cable Management System +
  • 7*Ceiling Screw Hook + 8*Adhesive Hook
  • + 1* Allen Wrench
  • + 1* Ring Hook
  • + 1*User Guide  

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